Professor Thomas A. Benham is seen here tuning in early satellite signals from his home on the campus of
Haverford College.  To his credit he received and recorded signals from Sputnik I, Sputnik II, Vanguard,
and Explorer I, II, III.  The electronic voices of these early satellites survive till this day, in part, because of
his effort.  Dr Benham was blind and unable to scope out the heartbeat sound and possibly determine if it
had the signature of an electrocardiogram.  Going by the sound that he heard, he concluded it was the
heartbeat of Laika.  Back in 1957 a number of other sources also believed it to be a heartbeat.  Professor
Benham theorized, "So they attached a small special microphone near Laika's heart, and connected the
microphone to an amplifier, which was then connected to one of the two transmitters,,,,. "