On final approach for docking, thrusters fire as a Russian crew tweaks the attitude of their Soyuz Ferry.  
Also called a Space Taxi, this Soyuz was a stripped down model designed for short hops to Salyut-6.  Minus
the normal twin solar panels-(see below), the designers of the Soyuz Ferry aimed for cheaper access to
their space stations.  Launched with limited battery power, mission success depended on a quick linkup
with Salyut-6 where the Soyuz Ferry could get a battery charge.  During the lifetime of Salyut-6 there were a
number of mission aborts, and return to Earth, when the Soyuz Ferry failed to dock in a timely period.
The above space scene is a 1978 Russian Postcard and the artwork is by
Cosmonaut / Artist Alexey Leonov.
An early Soyuz design with solar panels for extended orbital missions.
 The above is a Russian Ham Radio
QSL card from 1973.