WORLD WAR TWO - 1939 to 1945
On December 7th, 1941 Japan launched a surprise attack on United States Naval ships anchored in Pearl
Harbor, Hawaii.  A well planned sneak attack, it was executed on a peaceful Sunday morning when
Japanese planes from aircraft carriers bombed and torpedoed the sleepy U.S. Navy fleet resulting in
1500+ deaths.
<see survivor   America was outraged and promptly declared war on Japan.  Shortly
afterwards, Germany, the ally of Japan, declared war on the United States and the world plunged into war.  
The aggressive, brutal policies of Axis partners Germany, Italy and Japan instigated World War Two
(W.W.II) which was the biggest bloodbath in history with approximately 55 million killed.  At the time of
Pearl Harbor, Japan controlled much of the Pacific and continental Europe was in the grip of Nazi
Germany.  In the beginning, the little island nation of England stubbornly stood alone against the Nazi
terror as the only defender of freedom.  After December 7, 1941, America entered the war on both fronts.
was USA industrial might
<see ($)  and unlimited resources and brave servicemen which helped turn the
tide of the struggle, so the defenders of freedom could win the war.  W.W.II was the first hi-tech wizardry
war where each side tried to outdo the other in different technical fields, much like the future Space Race
during the Cold War.  Advances were made in rocketry, radar, computers, and aviation.  After the war the
USA and Russia reaped the information on
German V2 rocket research which they applied directly to their
own missile development programs.  Once allies in the struggle against the Axis powers, the United
States and Soviet Union became enemies as they plunged into the
Cold War. - see Chapter #2- "A Cosmic
Event From the 20th Century"
WWII - World War 2 -the worldwide war between the aggressive, brutal Axis nations, Germany, Japan, Italy,
and the Allied nations, England, America, Canada, Russia and others- fought from September 1, 1939 till
the final victory over Japan on August 14, 1945. Referred to as “The Great Patriotic War” by Russians.