Animals in Space is a splendid book, well done.  Yuri Gagarin,  Gherman Titov,  and John Glenn are
remembered as some of the pioneers of spaceflight but they actually followed in the paw prints of test
animals, some of whom died during flight tests.  Animals in Space tells the true story of the animal pioneers
would couldn't speak for themselves.   Loaded with facts and rare photos, it is a scholarly work backed up
with reference sources.  This book stands along and is light years ahead of any other book on the subject
of biological test flights conducted by Russia and America during the Cold War era.  Shrouded in secrecy,
details on the Russian dog flights emerged in bits and pieces over the years, often distorted by mystery
and myth and propaganda.  The authors of Animals in Space do a fine job of sorting out the truth.  Anyone
hoping to write a book about  this subject will certainly be challenged to outclass Animals in Space.  

George Bailey