This is Moscow calling, good evening listeners, you are tuned to the North American service of Radio
Today the Soviet Union successfully orbited a second earth satellite with a dog as
experimental passenger.
 Thanks to Soviet Science, for the first time in history, a living being is orbiting the
planet in the weightlessness of outer space  The spaceship has been designated as Sputnik-2, in the Soviet
Unions ongoing program to unlock the mysteries of the Cosmos.  Sputnik-2 has a special container to
provide air and food for the canine passenger and it contains a special apparatus for reporting back the
dogs condition.  Sputnik-2 is transmitting back to earth within the 14 meter shortwave band on a frequency of
20.005 megacycles and within the 7 meter band on the frequency 40.002 megacycles.  Radio enthusiasts
are encouraged to tune in the satellite directly and send their signal reports to Radio Moscow.

This is Radio Moscow Calling
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