Little VANGUARD as compared to SPUTNIK
Tiny Vanguard (above) was the size of
"grapefruit" as Primer Khrushchev jokingly
described it.  6.4 inch diameter 3.25 pounds

While Sputnik (right) was the size of a
beach ball- 23 inches / 585cm diameter and
weighed 184 pounds / 83.6Kg   

"The Unites States is trying to orbit grapefruit size
satellites" as compared to our Sputnik, says Mr K.
On the first try in early December 1957, the
Vanguard rocket explodes on the pad within
view of the world press.  The tiny Vanguard
satellite tumbles out of the inferno with its
transmitter still beeping.  America is
embarrassed by the failure.  Mr K rubs in the
failure, "Perhaps the Unites State needs
technical assistance to fulfill its satellite