from North Little Rock / Sherwood, ARkansas USA
Soyuz-14 / Salyut-3 call to Vjezna on 20.008 MHz AM voice on the morning of July 5, 1974 received by Aaron
George Bailey from Sherwood, Arkansas- rough translation- "Spring, Spring, I read you poorly"
Gear used - Radio Shack DX-150B + 40 Meter Dipole
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MORE INFO ABOUT THIS SIGNAL AT "Unraveling the Almaz mystery through radio tracking" by Sven Grahn
Salyut-6/Soyuz-27 call to the tracking ship Yuri Gagarin on 121.750 MHz FM received by Aaron George
Bailey from Sherwood, Arkansas  
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Soyuz-25 transmitting Pulse Duration Modulation -(PDM) Telemetry on a frequency of 20.008 MHz on the
morning of Oct. 9,1977 received by Aaron George Bailey from Sherwood, Arkansas
Gear used - Radio Shack DX-160 + Ameco PT-2 Preamp + 20 MHz Dipole
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China-1 transmitting a tune "The East is Red" (see article) on the shortwave frequency of 20.009 MHz
received April 1970 by Aaron George Bailey from North Little Rock, Arkansas
Gear used- Hallicrafters SX-110 Receiver + 20 Mhz Dipole + a cheap tape recorder
China-2 transmitting Pulse Position Modulation -(PPM) on 19.995 MHz received on the morning of Oct. 9,
1977 by Aaron George Bailey from Sherwood, Arkansas.  China-2 PPM telemetry is often described as the
sound of a galloping horse.
Space Shuttle Atlantis - Sonic Boom heard over Sherwood, Arkansas and recorded by Aaron George Bailey
at 8:15AM May 24,1997 - In advance I learned of the flyover and I was waiting with a recorder rolling.
Mir - transmitting FM Voice air-to-ground on 143.625 MHz - Early in the morning, Mir is still in darkness as it
streaks across  the southwest United States.  NASA astronaut David Wolf cannot establish solid contact
with the Ground but he continues to comment, about being North of
Whites Sands (New Mexico Test
Range), and then he talks about the city lights of Texas.  This was received by Aaron George Bailey on Nov.
28, 1997 using an
AR-3000 Receiver and a 100 MHz Discone.
Sputnik Replica - transmitted a Beeping Signal on 145.820 MHz to the delight of Radio Amateurs around the
world.  It was a one third scale model of Sputnik-1 and it was built by Russian and French High School
During a spacewalk from Mir, a Cosmonaut tossed it into a new orbit, on Nov. 3, 1997, the 40
anniversary of the Sputnik-2 launch.  I received these signals on Nov. 9, 1997. Gear used- AR-3000 +
Discone.  Listen to the rapid change of the signal tone, called the Doppler Shift, indicating its nearest
approach to my location.
Salyut-6/Soyuz-35 transmitting Downlink on a frequency of 121.750 Mhz -FM Voice Mode -  Mission Control
in Star City near Moscow, can be heard in the background as it is being Uplinked through a tracking / relay
ship, to Salyut-6.  This uplink was a 2nd frequency, different from the 121.750 Salyut-6 downlink.  This is an
example of DUPLEX radio communications which Salyut-6 used most of the time.  These signals were
received on the morning of May 13, 1980 by Aaron George Bailey.  This was orbit #15033 for the Salyut-6
orbiting complex.  The Antenna used was a
121.750 MHz Quagi, pointed NE.